About the Founder - Aubrey Woodroof


Since 1970, Dr. Aubrey Woodroof has been developing medical devices that save lives. After completing his post-doctoral work at UCLA (1970), Dr. Woodroof earned his MBA from West Coast University (1975). At this time, he worked for Edwards Laboratories (1970-1975) and Shiley Laboratories (1975-1978), researching how to minimize the body's rejection to synthetic medical devices. Additional research was performed on purifying collagen and glycosaminoglycans, and using these materials in medical devices.

In 1978, he started Woodroof Laboratories and tested over 50 different types of temporary wound dressings that he created. From the results of his research and several patents, he invented Biobrane®, which was the first bilaminate, biosynthetic, temporary wound dressing. For Dr. Woodroof's contribution to the advancement of wound care worldwide, he has been recognized as a "Hall of Fame" member in two of the colleges he attended.


To read more about his inventions and medical devices, please see the papers located here.

In 1986, Dr. Woodroof sold his company and his creation to Sterling Drug and worked as Vice President of their Winthrop Pharmaceutical Wound Care Division until 1991, when he retired. Today, armed with input from leaders in the burn care field and his own ideas on how to create better bilaminate, biosynthetic wound dressings, Dr. Woodroof has come out of retirement to develop a new family of Bioengineered Alternative Tissue dressings, beginning with AWBAT®.