Unmet Clinical Needs

Acute & Chronic wounds: This technology has the potential to satisfy a large unmet clinical need, the definitive closure and management of wounds that excrete fluid without allowing the fluid to pool on the wound surface. Fluid allowed to pool on the surface of a wound frequently leads to infection complications, sometimes loss of limb, and sometimes death. Closure of the wound implies adherence of the primary dressing to the cleanly debrided wound surface and protection of the wound from desiccation and infection. PermeaDerm dressing functions like a membrane oxygenator enabling the passage of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor) through the thin silicone membrane. Would fluids can escape through precision slits into an absorbent secondary dressing. Wound healing is not hindered by frequent changes of the primary dressing.

Hernia and soft tissue repair: This technology has the potential to improve outcome on the following unmet clinical needs: chronic pain and tissue erosion; sensation of a foreign body; minimal adhesions to the smooth silicone surface; greater comfort due to thinness of the device and rapid ingrowth into the 3D structure of coated nylon.