PermeaDerm is ‘A World of Difference’ in the context of advancing the art of wound care. Our long term commitment is to understand the unmet needs of acute and chronic wounds as well as hernia and soft tissue repair. Generally wound management techniques involve the removal of all non-viable tissue while preserving the remaining viable tissue and providing a moist but not wet environment. PermeaDerm, Inc. focuses on the art of passage of fluid adjacent to the wound beneath the primary dressing into a secondary absorbent dressing as well as the kinetics of uninterrupted wound healing. Technology of this research will evolve into a product called PermeaDerm dressing which possesses all the characteristics and attributes known to be important for optimal wound healing, as well as new advances that result in minimization of wound desiccation and infection complication. The technology and design for soft tissue and hernia repair is intended to: minimize adhesions and chronic pain; provide a 3D compliant structure that facilitates autogenous tissue ingrowth which is believed to minimize latent infections.

PermeaDerm, Inc. Variable Porosity technology for wound management strives to:

  • Substantially reduces cost of wound management by minimizing painful dressing changes

  • Minimizes fluid accumulation beneath PermeaDerm thereby minimizing infection complications

  • Minimizes patient discomfort

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